Relocation Services in Merton: 5 Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring

Without prior skill and knowledge, packing moving furniture or office items may be stressful. While you want someone who cares about packing and moving your stuff to a new location in and around Merton, you can be tempted to find the best relocation services in Merton at a fair price.

Moving companies come in all shapes and lengths, ranging from a man with a van in Merton to a full-service organization. Your assets are precious, so don’t make things harder by hiring second-grade movers. By asking the following five questions before starting the hiring process, you will be able to get the highest quality relocation services at the best possible price.

Relocation Services Merton London

Let’s discuss all the questions one by one to man with a van removals team in Merton for relocation;

Do they have a license or registration number?

All moving companies operating in the United Kingdom should have a valid license and registration number from an authorized transport authority in the UK. If an organization operates only in one state, there is a greater chance that it is not registered. So, you can verify about a removal company online or offline with the BAR (British Association for Movers) or AIM (Association of Independent Movers)

How do they calculate their estimate?

Ask the relocation company how their rates are derived? Is it either by the pound, volume, weight, or distance? Be careful, if the company offers a quote based on cubic feet. If you travel long distances, a company estimate should be based on weight. However, for short distances, many businesses will charge an hourly rate. Although the hourly rate and weight per pound rate will not change, the estimate may vary based on the type of vehicle or service used, such as a man with a van in Merton or full relocation services in Merton.

Are they charging any additional fees?

Find out if additional charges apply, if yes, when? Some removal companies may charge additional charges for extremely heavy or bulky items, when the location does not have easy access or when the goods have to be pushed by hand over a certain distance. Any additional charges should be negotiated in advance with your mover.

Do they provide packing and storage facilities?

Figure out how your goods will be packed and labeled. Most of the businesses in Merton will wrap up your couch and offer a free blanket wrap service; however, smaller firms can charge for that kind of service. Please ensure that all of your stuff, boxes, products and other miscellaneous items are listed correctly.

Also confirm, if the company provides the storage service. It’s a good idea to check the storage service in advance if you need it.

Man with a Van Merton London

Are they offering an insurance cover?

Many moving companies charge additional fees for insurance. So, don’t hesitate to ask in detail about the insurance cover. Usually, insurance is based entirely on weight, so it is important to assess the value of your goods against what is covered by the insurance policy in the event of any damage to your property.

Relocation is one of the most frustrating and disturbing events in our lives, but it doesn’t have to happen when you hire professional and reliable house or office relocation services in Merton. If you want to minimize your stress during relocation, you have the full right to ask the above questions to find the right service providers for a man with a van in Merton. So, get ready to enjoy the most desirable services to suit your needs and budget.

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